ASO Mission


ASO’s mission is to transform personal experiences through extraordinary classical performances and musical connection.See official mission statement here.

We bring a professional orchestra of the highest quality to our region on the South Shore, provide excellent public performances, support the careers of outstanding classical musicians, and create a strong connection to the music and the people who make it. 

We engage the very best professional talent in the Boston area to fulfill our mission of excellence in service to the region, and look for every opportunity to create meaningful, personal connections for our audiences.

Why? The first answer is that the arts, in general, improve our quality of life and feed the soul, a very important reason to serve. Arts and culture contribute to the well-being of the community. But there is more.

Professional performing arts play a special role in society. We serve art, artists, and arts-lovers, but also other institutions. We provide education and employment opportunities, enhance the outreach of other organizations, and support both the cultural and business environment of the region. Through this, we help build regional identity.

We serve — and create community — through music.

We use the term family to describe our orchestra members, our audience, and our supporters, and we mean it. Our goal is to create engagement and meaningful connections from the stage to the seats and back again.

Come to a performance (or other event), and see if you don’t feel a connection — to the music, to us, to yourself. 

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra