*ASO 2020-21 Season

Music Lives! It’s time to schedule your music season with ASO and get excited!

We can’t mingle as we’d like. But we can keep joy in place.

In response to the times, we have completely reworked our approach to 2020/21. Every part of ASO’s new season of performances and other events will reach you where you are. You can rely on ASO to lighten and brighten the months ahead, beautifully.

This is our time to embrace the technology that connects us — to share in the music, beauty, and joy that artists continue to create.

ASO’s musicians create their art exceptionally well. We hope everyone takes advantage of what they have in store for us, this season.

If a listed event date doesn’t work with your schedule, don’t worry. The extra benefit of this virtual season is flexibility; it will be there for you when you’re ready.

Thank you to the donors, grantors, and sponsors who are making this season possible. We are grateful to every one of you who continue to support Atlantic Symphony.

Use the links in the sidebar — or the main menu — for FAQs, event information and tickets.

We hope you will join us for 2020/21!

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra