2020-21 Questions & Answers

Why? • The Experience • Pricing, Purchasing and Vouchers


We know some people may wonder “why?” this season, when there’s other online music content to find. The main answer lies in ASO’s purpose and our commitment to the communities we serve, who are responding generously to us and one another during this crisis. We can’t imagine opting for “nothing over something” when the “something” is outstanding. We’re finding new ways to create and connect with musical excellence — and share it with everyone we can. You’ll be pleased with the result!

The Experience

What can we look forward to this season?
• Your favorite Music Director and Atlantic Symphony Orchestra musicians!
• High quality, easy online experiences of outstanding music
• 1 free concert series, spaced throughout the season (~15 min. per concert)
• 3 ticketed concert and/or learning series (30–45 min. per event; 4 events per series)
• 4 ticketed “stand alone” concerts (60+ min. per concert)
• Solo concerts, duets, quartets, quintets, and chambers
• A Command Performance by guest violinist Francisco Fullana

I love live performances. (So do we!) What’s there to love about “virtual?” (A lot!)
• Clear sound and close up viewing
• The comfort of your own space (put your feet up, it’s OK!) and your own schedule
• No cancellations due to changing guidelines (we can respond to changes)
• No audience limits
• Create your own intermissions 🙂
• Re-watch if and when you like

What if I miss the date of an event? What if I learned about a series after it has begun or decide “yes” when it’s over?
• The benefit of virtual experiences is they don’t need to be “over” or lost with time; ASO will keep 2020/21 events alive all season
• Every event (whether a single concert event or an event in a series) will remain available for ticket holders after it is released
• This gives you control over your viewing schedule and means you can take advantage of an event or series “after the date”
• Even after an event’s first release or live-stream, you can still be a part of it; it will become available to you with your purchase.

Do I need to be “technically savvy” to participate this season?
• No, clicking a link in your ticket email will be all you need to do, to connect (you might need to click another link on a webpage)
• If you’ve opened this email, you have all the skills required
• If your device connects to the internet & plays video, you have the right equipment
• Of course, if you want to get fancier, you can!
• TIP: If you use a computer and have good headphones available, it makes a difference!

Is there any chance of attending in person?
• If guidelines and public health trends change and it becomes possible/practical to welcome you in person, we’ll re-introduce “regular” ticketing and adjust your ticket, if you choose

Pricing, Purchasing and Vouchers

What can I expect for pricing?
• Our Hats Off! mini concerts are free and available to everyone
• Ticketed series & events are priced very lightly — the cost of a regular senior ticket per household / email address, to help us produce the season. In the case of our 4-part concert or learning series, this comes to less than $12 per household per event! — we’re counting on the ASO community to say “yes!” to virtual!
• If you hold a ticket voucher, you’ll find ways to use it this season, if you choose

Can I pick and choose?
• Yes, each series or “stand alone” concert event may be purchased on its own

Can I subscribe to the season?
• Yes, we’d love that 🙂

Can I still make my purchases over the phone?
• Yes. Our office hours have changed this season. The Box Office (781-331-3600) will be open M–W from 9 AM to 1 PM. You can always leave a message; we will call you back.

I have a voucher, what do I do?
• If your have an “e-voucher” coupon code, simply use it online during check-out
• If you have a paper voucher, call us at 781-331-3600 to order and apply your credit

I didn’t reply to your “Spring ticket-holder survey” last spring to tell you how to treat my cancelled tickets, what should I do?
• You can let us know your wishes by responding at this link or calling us at 781-331-3600

I ordered tickets but haven’t received my email yet. Is there a problem?
• Probably not. With our system, “virtual tickets” need an extra layer of processing, which may cause a lag from the time you order to when you receive. If you’re ever worried, call us at 781-331-3600

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