ASO Policies (General, Privacy, Event Tickets & Audience)

General Policies
• We do not discriminate in any area based on race, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
• We do not discriminate for paid or volunteer employment based on age, except where legally bound (e.g., youth).
• We accommodate special needs and disabilities according to our legal obligations, with the goal of exceeding requirements when possible. Guests and employees/volunteers whose special need or disability is not being adequately accommodated are encouraged to make us aware of how we can do better, by calling us at 781-331-3600 or emailing us at

Privacy Policies
• ASO respects the privacy of all our constituents.
• We follow best practices regarding privacy and outreach whenever possible, to the extent of our ability.
• We do not sell or share our contact list.
• We do not keep credit card information on file; we destroy this information as soon as possible after each completed transaction.
• We do not share audience or specific donation information except in aggregate form for reporting.
• We share donor names and giving-levels through “Friends of the ASO” and other lists, unless a donor asks to remain anonymous.
• We share volunteer names through “Fanfare” and other lists, unless a volunteer asks to remain anonymous.
• When practicable, we use photo releases when photographing or videotaping specific events. However, audience members and volunteers at our public concerts and some other events should expect to be caught in our images, which may be used for promotion purposes. Attending ASO events may mean your image will been captured.
• Unless expressly allowed by consent or working arrangement, or an expectation by relationship or partnership, individuals are not identified in photographs or videos.

Event Tickets & Audience Policies
• All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Seating re-arrangements are a special privilege of our subscribers.
• In the unlikely event a concert is canceled due to inclement weather, venue shut-down, or other reason, we will issue a ticket credit(s) to ticket holders and do our best to reasonably accommodate them at a future concert. Joyful Noise! holiday concerts will not be available for credit ticketing, except for ticket holders of a canceled Joyful Noise! event. Ticket holders may also opt to use their credit as a tax-deductible donation to ASO.
** PLEASE NOTE FOR 2021/22: We do not anticipate the need to cancel programming, this season. If restrictions require us to cancel a a performance, however, refunds will be made available as an option.
• Accompanied children are welcome at most ASO events. ASO may offer age suggestions for some events.
• ASO retains the right to relieve our audiences of distractions caused by other audience members. At our discretion we may intervene or remove, separate, or re-accommodate any audience member.
• Whenever possible, an audience member’s requests or needs will be honored.
• Audience issues/complaints/communications will be replied to promptly and courteously.
• Base ticket price changes are subject to ASO Board approval.
• Subscription and other “packages” are developed & maintained by ASO management.

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