The Online Auction

Thank you to everyone who took part in our first online auction. 

Special thanks to the local businesses, artists, and arts organizations that contributed to our auction. Please remember them when you’re in need of their goods or services, or in their neighborhood.



Aisling Gallery & Framing

AZ Studio

Beadleful Designs

Bin Ends Wine

Braintree Rugs

Fruit Center Marketplace

Get in Shape for Women Scituate

GrayMatter Agency

Image Resolutions

Leo Dwyer, artist

Magnolia Massage

Port Bistro Restaurant

Riva Restaurant

Sintra Restaurant

The Company Theatre

Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre

Boston University College of Fine Art

Boston Center for American Performance

New Repertory Theatre

Lyric Stage Company

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Arts Emerson

Huntington Theatre

American Repertory Theatre

Shear Madness

Zeitgeist Theatre

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra