Volunteer Opportunities at ASO


We cherish our volunteers — they’re a very important part of the ASO family.

Joining Fanfare! (see right) as a concert volunteer is one excellent way to support the orchestra and make new friends.

We are always looking for our next “A Team” board member. If you are interested, please learn more about our board criteria and how to apply for consideration. If board service isn’t quite the right fit, please get in touch, anyway. There are board related committees and special projects that might be just right.

We also have other volunteer opportunities available! Please see our “wish list” below.

Volunteer Wishlist
Volunteers are eligible to receive free concert tickets during the season.

In-kind business donations are acknowledged at their retail value.

*Starred items may be eligible as part of a college internship. Please call.

Please call ASO at 781-331-3600
or email admin@atlanticsymphony.org
Thank you!

ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIPS: Do you enjoy selling, new business development, or helping raise funds? Program advertising and sponsorships are vital to our yearly funding, and we can always use more help. We enjoy connecting community businesses with our audience — who really pay attention to who the ASO supporters are!

*PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: We would like to grow our image and video library with additional high quality work. If you are a professional (or professional-level) photographer/ videographer, and would like to donate your services at one or more events this season, or donate a “portrait session,” we’d love to hear from you!

IN-KIND DINNER or FOOD DONATIONS: The ASO provides a hearty meal to our orchestra before every concert, as well as light fare for our guests during reception periods. Connecting with a restaurant, caterer, or other food service provider to get involved with this important need is high on our wishlist. We would be very happy to discuss an in-kind sponsorship or donation with your company.

*IT SUPPORT: Are you a tech wizard? Filemaker or WordPress pro? We have projects that can use your input, or we’d appreciate having an “IT Department” on call.

*GRANT WRITING: If you have experience writing successful grant proposals, fielding them in your line of work, or have connections to grant providers, and would like to help us increase our grant funding, please get in touch through the administration office (admin@atlanticsymphony.org).

*PUBLICITY: From building contact lists to interviewing audience members, this is an area we’d love to get more help with. We would be happy to design a college internship around this position.

OCCASIONAL OFFICE HELP: There are times when an extra set of hands goes a long way in our office. If you have a few hours a month to help the admin office with simple (but important) tasks like envelope stuffing and data entry, please get in touch.

POSTER HANGING: Yes, good, old-fashioned poster runs. Performing arts still rely on them! It doesn’t take much time but is a big help!


If you enjoy helping to make things happen and are interested in donating your time and talent in exchange for tickets to our concerts, consider joining our Fanfare! team of dedicated volunteers.

Fanfare! is an important group of hands-on ASO supporters who help make our concerts and other events happen. They help with poster distribution, ushering, ticketing, decor, food, guest services, and more, every season. There are opportunities to help with fundraising, event planning, and publicity, as well. We are deeply grateful to our Fanfare! volunteers and invite you to consider joining the team.

Click here to be added to the Fanfare! “I’m interested” mailing list and more information will follow.


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