Your Donation Will Go Far

Here is an opportunity to do something wonderful today.

Make a donation today and keep the benefits of having a world-class professional orchestra in the community. 

Professional orchestras do not come cheaply, but they give back to the community in many ways — local jobs and business partnerships, support of area nonprofit and service organizations, and easy regional access to high quality performing arts. Together, we are preserving something special, and important, for ourselves and our neighbors.

Every donation to Atlantic Symphony works very hard to support our community mission. For a successful season, we rely on individual donors like you. Contributors are acknowledged in our program booklets and on our website.

Please make a donation today. Use the buttons below to donate suggested amounts at different levels, or choose to name your amount. All donations, of any amount, are gratefully accepted. You can also become a sustaining donor at any level. Thank you for your support!

$60 can sponsor a portion of the travel costs for a concert.

$120 can sponsor a musician’s rehearsal session. 

$250 can sponsor a section musician’s concert performance. 

$300 can sponsor a principal musician’s concert performance. 

$500 can sponsor a large instrument for a concert. 

$1000 helps sponsor an orchestra section for a concert. 

$2500 helps sponsor a large orchestra section for a concert.

A donation of ANY AMOUNT is gratefully received and well used!

Thank you!

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra