Join A Leading Gifts Circle


Your leading gift secures the ASO mission.

Gifts at any of the levels described below have an immediate, major impact on our program each season.

Circle Members provide the foundational support we need to plan, hire, perform, administer, and provide community outreach to fully meet our mission each year. Circle Members provide financial security and are strong partners in our work.

In addition to named musician sponsorships and recognition in our literature and on our website, Circle Members have the option to receive full season subscriptions and/or request complimentary companion tickets during the season.*

Please contact us to discuss making a gift, today. You can also become a Circle Member through monthly contributions.

*This will affect the deductibility of your gift. Please consult with your tax adviser.
Each companion ticket requires that a concert ticket has been purchased at the regular or subscription rate. The requirement is waved at Ensemble Circle level and higher.

Section Musicians Circle

Yearly donations of $3500 – $4999 sponsor the expenses of retaining an ASO section player.

Our orchestra sections include: first violin, second violin, viola, violoncello, bass, flute & piccolo, oboe, English horn, clarinet & bass clarinet, bassoon & contrabassoon, alto saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone & bass trombone, tuba, timpani, percussion, piano, harp, and harpsichord.

Each season, we contract with 40 – 50 section musicians.

Section Musicians Circle members receive 2 full-season subscriptions, if they choose, or up to 2 companion tickets to any of our main concerts during the season. Members are encouraged to sponsor a specific section musician of their choice, which will be noted in our program books and on our website.

Principal Musicians Circle

Yearly donations of $5000 – $9999 sponsor an ASO principal.

These superior musicians are leaders in their field and often principal for other elite orchestras. They lead and mentor their sections, as well as perform. Many of our principals have been with us for many years.

We typically name 15 – 18 principal musicians each season.

Principal Musicians Circle members may receive 2 full-season subscriptions, if they choose, and up to 2 companion tickets per concert, at request. Members are encouraged to sponsor a specific principal musician of their choice, which will be noted in our program books and on our website.

Ensemble Circle

Donations of $10,000 — $19,999 usher you into our Ensemble Circle.

Gifts of this size can sponsor a group of ASO musicians each year, or underwrite the expenses for a chamber concert.

We typically perform 1 – 3 chamber concerts each season.

Ensemble Circle members may sponsor up to 4 ASO musicians or be named as a chamber concert underwriter or a supporting underwriter for a symphonic concert, which will be noted in our program books and on our website. Members receive 4 full-season subscriptions, if they choose, and up to 6 companion tickets per concert, at request.

Orchestra Circle & Conductor’s Circle

A donation of $20,000 or more each year makes you a member of our Orchestra Circle. Donors at or above $50,000 join the Conductor’s Circle.

Your gift will underwrite the major share of the orchestra’s expenses for one or more symphonic concerts, depending on the donation you make.

We typically perform 4 – 5 symphonic concerts each season.

Orchestra & Conductor’s Circle members may sponsor 4 or more musicians and/or be named as a sponsoring concert underwriter, which will be noted in our program books and on our website. In addition to special acknowledgments and benefits, members receive 6 full-season subscriptions, if they choose, and companion tickets as requested. Please call us at 781-331-3600.

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