Why This is Important

Onstage Remarks: Pops! 2018
Karen Flynn Thompson, ASO President

Jin was very kind to give me a shout out at our last concert, but I’d like to turn that around. What we’ve been accomplishing recently is absolutely a reflection of you, of us, as a community and the investment of our donors in this orchestra.

At the beginning of the season, I told you how proud I was to be part of the community that supports this orchestra and keeps it here.

It is a jewel for our region. We attract the very best talent in the Boston area to our stage and that means local access to this outstanding music and connection to it, and a beautiful reason to connect with one another as a community.

We’re better for it; we can point here and say “this is one reason why our region is a great place to live.” And we’re healthier for it, for many reasons, as any doctor or social scientist will tell you.

If you haven’t seen the graphic on page 21 of your program book, I’d like to point it out to you. For people listening over the TIC Network, I’m referring to a line chart that shows audience growth going up and up.

That’s just one of the things that has been going up and up, and represents a lot of hard work behind the scenes that is paying great dividends to the orchestra. But it would not be happening without your support and it will only continue to happen with your support.

We can only do what we do, because of you. You’re the “magic.”

We’re entering the period of closing the books on this season and funding next season, and we’re looking at a challenging period. I want to thank the Steele family very much for keeping Jeff’s commitment to us this season. It’s a big hole to fill.

So, when you get your appeal envelope in the mail, please embrace it as the wonderful opportunity it is to be part of what’s happening here. You might be in a position to be a major part of what’s happening here. But, I can tell you that every, single donation makes a real difference and is really celebrated because of the impact it has on what we can do.

That’s the beauty of supporting something local; you know you have impact. And you can see it.

We have a vision for the ASO of a full house and a full stage at every concert, more concerts and more programs, more community connections, and permanent local access for our part of this quickly growing region to these outstanding, live, professional classical performances.

We’ll get there with you. Thank you.

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra