Why This is Important

Medium close shot of conductor, Jin Kim, and musicians of Atlantic Symphony Orchestra standing for applause on stage.It is an important and remarkable undertaking, this community supported professional orchestra of ours. What we’ve been accomplishing recently is absolutely a reflection of you, of us, as a community and the investment of our donors in this orchestra.

We can’t thank you enough for making Atlantic Symphony Orchestra possible. For over two decades, each season is a public gift of beautiful music and connection we are grateful to produce — because of you. You are the reason ASO is here to serve our growing region with excellence.

Music director, Jin Kim, provides a caliber of programming and performance that is unmatched by any other U.S. orchestra of this size. He engages the best talent in the Boston area for the ASO stage and that means local access to outstanding live classical music and the artistic excellence Boston has to offer. It is a beautiful reason to connect with one another, as a community. We’re better for it. We can define ourselves by it. We can point here and say “this is one reason why our part of the region is a great place to live.” We’re also healthier for it, for many reasons, as any doctor or social scientist will tell you. (Recent research shows that people who participate in the arts are 60% healthier.)

The value of this community access you make possible is real and it is powerful. Access to high quality arts benefit us as individuals and a society in ways that are essential and fundamental to our well-being. Beauty. Respite. Inspiration. Connection (to ourselves and to something greater than ourselves).  Music, in particular, reaches us directly on an emotional level. It “fills the well.” And, when we’re lucky, it challenges our assumptions.

But that’s not all. Your support allows ASO (and this region) to be part of an ecosystem that makes it possible for highly trained classical musicians to devote themselves professionally to their art and share their art with public audiences. In ASO’s case, we also provide important opportunities for new generations of young, exceptionally talented artists to develop professionally. Each season, a number of musicians come to us “fresh and on fire” from leading conservatories, after a highly selective process. Many go on to secure positions at major orchestras around the world after their time as part of our orchestra. Your support makes this happen.

The ripple of your support extends well beyond our concert hall.

ASO’s impact is important. Is your support important? Yes, it is. This only happens because of you.

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra