ASO CEO — Karen Thompson

Favorite Works? Holst's "Venus," Debussy's "La Mer," and Brahms' 3rd & 4th
Karen Thompson Photograph

Karen Thompson is serving her 7th season as CEO of the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. She also served as board president from 2015–19.

A long time resident of the South Shore, Thompson was drawn to ASO’s excellence and the value it brings to the region. She initiated and led the young orchestra through a 3-year “refresh” in 2016, updating infrastructure and business practices, improving communications and donor care, and growing ASO’s audience, outreach, and partnerships.

During that period, she invited in the first of a new cohort of ASO’s Board of Directors, who have taken the mantle of strategically leading “next level” development for the organization and board, itself — ensuring ASO’s continued health and longevity.

Thompson is a graduate of Boston and Harvard Universities and has served in leadership roles on a number of professional, community & non-profit boards. Prior to ASO, she was a senior level management consultant with over 25 years of experience in content and product development, data analysis, strategy, and team management. She has a background in learning theory and experience in marketing, copywriting, staff training, teaching, and administration.

Thompson was a member of Boston University’s Marsh Chapel Choir back in the day, under the direction of Max Miller. Other than that, she plays very bad piano, hopes to learn to really play the harp her husband bought her years ago, and is otherwise just another music lover.