Individual Donors List

We are honored to list the individuals who have financially supported the orchestra within the past year.

Carl and Sarah Ahrens
Beth and Scott Barclay
Nancy Barvick
Susan Baush
Kathleen Almand and David Beal
Andrew and Margaret Bergsten
Dr. Patricia Bianco
Turner and Joan Bledsoe
Elizabeth and Robert Blucke
Jane Bogaty
Barbara and Ken Buntrock
Marie Canavan
Desiree Carlson
Tana Carlson
Andrew Hertig and Jane Carr
Philip Carter
Tip and Nino Catalano
Avery Catlin
Kathryn Chase
Hung Kuan Chen
Mijin Choi and Robert Cinnante
Ralph and Susi Coley
Matthew and Stephanie Connolly
Paul and Pauline Croke
Jane and Timothy Daly
Motoko and Gordon Deane
John & Jo-Anne Deeley
Susan Delay
Jeremy Douglass
Ryan Esco
Melinda and Christopher Evans
Richard and Jo-Ann Faust
Karen Ferrari
Richard and Carol Flynn
Helen Fonseca
Bill Ford
Penny and John Frabotta
Ron Frazier
Patricia Frederickson
Mary Gaynor
Donald Gill
Constance Gorfinkle
Josephine Grillo

Eileen McIntyre and Roy Harris
Wilma Hill
Mary Kate Flynn and Gerry Huiskamp
Joan and Joe Iovino
Paul Kelley
Thomas Kent
Carl & Mary Ellen Kilmer
Marie King
Jack and Kathy Kisiel
Peter Kupic
Jen McCready and Robert Lacy
Gail Lerner
Ronnie Levine
Martha and Bob Linares
Anna McCarthy and Marshall Litchfield
Scott and Cynthia MacEwen
Stacie Madden
Jane Malme
Iris Manning
Jean-Pierre and Nancy Marjollet
Eva Marx
Kathy McAndrew
Loretta and Bruce McCabe
Cynthia Medeiros
Wilfried and Judith Mehring
Frank and Nancy Mellen
Jay Mitchell
Diane and Bill Morash
John Morgan
Martha and Wayne Morrill
Nancy Mortland
Ann Moynihan
Jane Murphy
Matthew and Melissa Nelson
Linda and Joseph Newman
Alyce Nobis
Jeff and Taffy Nothnagle
Emmett and Susan O’Brien
Kendra and Patrick O’Donnell
Begum Okutgen
John and Sharon Parisi
David Park
Paul and Eileen Pecci

Mary Ann Pessa
Ann and Roger Pompeo
Ruth Powell
Linda Powers
Michael and Susan Hobson Putziger
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pyne
Vicki and Dan Quinn
Walter and Sallie Raleigh
Aditya Rengaswamy
Patricia Ribaudo
David and Nancy Richardson
Sandra Robertson
Shirley Robertson
Teresa and Steven Rusconi
George and Elena Seryogin
Nanette Schieron and John Sheff
Christine Sommers & Family
Sean Sprague
John and Kay Spurr
Bertie Stratis
Matthew and Megan Sullivan
Susan Dickie Charitable Fund
Gabrielle and Patrick Svenning
Lauren and Michael Teller
Schuyler and Cynthia Thaxter
Frederic and JoAnn Haynes Thayer
Douglas and Tuyen Thompson
Gretchen Thompson
Karen and Karl Thompson
Richard and Martha Twigg
Lorraine Varney
Joseph Waiwaiole
Pauline Walker
Ron and Shirley Wallace
Nina Wellford
Phyllis and Bill Wenzel
Lyn Wey
Michael and Peggy Weymouth
Frank and Tracy White
Jane Widiger
The Wildeman Family
Tom and Diane Willson
Mr. and Mrs. Topher Woodward